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Need some encouragement? Check out our YouTube-channel to hear our participants talk about what the EMPOWER project has meant to them.




Success Story

We all need a bit of encouragement sometimes, which is why in the coming months we will be posting several inspiring testimonials.

First up is Anna from Greece who, at the age of 44, had to start looking for employment for the first time after having devoted her time to her children’s upbringing.

We all need a Role Model sometimes – Chapter 1

Disclaimer: you might need a bit of Google Translate as the interview is written in the beautiful Greek language.


Development of Training Materials Underway!

Empower partners are busy over the Summer developing the new training programmes for Empower: Empower Yourself Programme for Women and Empower Others Programme for Support Workers.

The training programmes will have two parts to them 1) workshops where participants get to try out tools and exercises to develop their soft skills linked to employability and entrepreneurship and 2) Mentoring Circles for further reflection and support from others in similar situations.

Once the training materials are developed we will be trying them out with participants in the UK, Greece, Iceland and Lithuania. The workshops are due to start in February 2017 on a first come first served basis. If you’re interested in taking part, please get in touch.