Our Partners


Inova Consultancy Ltd (UK) provides a flexible consultancy service that responds to the needs of organisations and individuals internationally in the area of diversity, equal opportunities and entrepreneurship. Inova has specialist experience in the development and delivery of coaching and mentoring programmes in the UK and on an international level for women in a range of fields, including entrepreneurship, management and STEM. In 2013, Inova led a European project (TRUTH) alongside The Sheffield College which developed innovative, online training for frontline workers, to raise awareness of Human Trafficking.

Inova’s employees and associates combine experience and qualifications in organisational development, psychology, mentoring and coaching in addition to bringing in best practice from across Europe to assist organisations and individuals in the field of personal and business development.


Social Innovation Fund (Lithuania) is a non-governmental organisation, established in 1994 to assist adults to make positive changes in their life through the provision of educational opportunities, social support, information and advice.

Since its establishment the Social Innovation Fund has worked with different socially disadvantaged groups (women survivors of domestic violence, unemployed, disabled, single parents, people in remote areas, immigrants,) who have fewer opportunities in the society and the labour market. SIF pays special attention to unemployed women aiming to address the issues of their social exclusion increasing their self-confidence, and assisting them to develop the basic competences and as a result enhancing their employment opportunities. SIF offers guiding, coaching and mentoring services as well as training aimed at successful integration of disadvantaged people into society and the labour market.


The Directorate of Labour (Public Employment Services, PES), Iceland, manages the employment services in the country, providing counselling and employment services as well as providing courses and various activities for unemployed people. PES also delivers specific services to entrepreneurs through various projects for unemployed people.  All those who are seeking work can get assistance and practical advice, free of charge, from counsellors in their job search. The emphasis is placed on empowering each individual and to provide him or her with an edge in the labour market.

The Directorate of Labour is also responsible for assisting refugee’s job searches and the Directorate of Labour has prepared a special educational program for employers and consultants about the various details of refugees. It contains a checklist and detailed booklet which among other things, explains the legal status of refugee’s and how employers can make the individuals feel welcome in their new work place. The Directorate of Labour offers courses to refugee’s, including:

  • Courses in Icelandic
  • License to drive
  • License to control industrial machinery
  • Job search in English
  • Work related measures


KMOP is one of the oldest Greek NGOs with more than 35 years of accumulated experience in the provision of services to disadvantaged groups. KMOP’s main areas of expertise include social welfare and health, employability and human rights protection, scientific research and the development of know-how in social policy issues.

Apart from direct provision of services through decentralised community based facilities (Three Group Houses and one Day Care Centre for mentally ill as well as counseling centers in various towns) KMOP is also actively involved in both national and EU/international projects addressing social issues particularly focusing on low-skilled youth and long term unemployed, victims of violence and trafficking, disabled, elderly, migrants and minorities.